Pearce English teacher spent time in Japan growing up

Ailine Dominey is one of the newest English teachers at Pearce. On her first day she introduced and explained some interesting things about herself. She focused on talking about her time spent in Japan.


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  • Confidence is high for varsity boys soccer state championship run

    This year for the boys varsity soccer team will be one for the books. The team is looking very strong and confident in the upcoming soccer season. They will have a handful of returning seniors to the varsity squad, along with a few seniors making their debut season and some freshmen and sophomores.

  • Winter Guard prepares for upcoming season

    Now that the marching band season is over, the Pearce Winter Guard is starting to prepare for their 2017-18 show titled “The Devil went down to Georgia.”

  • Celebrated band Rush re-releases studio album

    Prepare yourself, because the Canadian rock trio Rush is back again from 49 years in the making. To celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary, Rush remastered and re-released their fifth studio album “A Farewell to Kings” on Dec. 1, along with new listings not previously seen before.

  • Freshmen go to All-Region for their first time as a high school student

    Freshmen band members attended their first high school all region on Nov. 11. Many band members are now preparing for high school all region, where they will compete against upperclassmen.

  • Fantasy stories are a modern addition to adults’ reading lists

    In 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, a book that completely changed the fantasy genre. Before him, books telling tales of fairies and elves were regarded as children’s stories, but now books such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones dominate the books stores.

  • The Issue of today’s film industry

    Film is something that any individual can connect with. No matter what generation someone is a part of, they have a love for one or more movies. Those who make movies notice that and have worked hard to preserve this enjoyment for years to come. However, a new trend within the business is set to lead to damaging effects that could harm the entertainment industry for a long time.

  • Algebra teacher learns from her struggles

    For Ms. Julia Pinto, obstacles were only there to get in her way. Though they stop others, they motivated Mrs. Pinto they motivate her. At Pearce High School she is an algebra teacher.

  • Volleyball coach discovers teaching as a way to continue in her favorite sport

    MC Salas, a teacher and volleyball coach at Pearce, was a volleyball player throughout high school and college. She discovered that teaching was a way she could stay involved in volleyball past college.

  • Pearce shows confidence in its athletes by improving athletic facilities

    Pearce has made multiple remodels to their athletic facilities. These remodels are for the purpose of helping athletes train better and showing their athletes that they believe and support them.