AP tests reward students

By Michael Clarke | Staff Writer

A new program through the federal government and several nonprofits gives students and teachers the opportunity to make money by receiving passing scores on Advanced Placement exams, which test over the college-level preparatory courses students take during the school year.

The programs were created to increase the overall student participation rate and number of Advanced Placement courses taken per student throughout school districts across the nation.

As a pilot program, the concept of payment for scores was established in several schools in the Dallas Independent School District in 1996, gaining traction and expanding to more than 60 schools throughout Texas.

The preliminary program, the Advanced Placement Incentive Program, was and continues to be funded through competitive grants to states by the U.S. Department of Education, where eligible students receive between $100 to $300 through the APIP.

“I wouldn’t mind getting money for AP classes, but it would not necessarily be an incentive to take more. It depends on the AP class,” sophomore Marty Quish said.

As the APIP has expanded nationally through federal efforts, several nonprofits have jumped into the arena of receiving cash for scores.

“Earning money for receiving a good score on a AP test is not bad at all,” sophomore Matthew Myers said.

The Dallas-based nonprofits, the National Math and Science Initiative and AP Strategies Incorporated, have expanded their programs to more than seven states, spread throughout the United States, each receiving grants for school districts and state education agencies to be awarded to primarily students, but additionally to teachers.

“Certain people need extra incentive, but in general, people are going to achieve on their own merit and don’t always need a carrot,” AP teacher Sean Dowlatshahi said.


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