Beauty and the Beast comes to Pearce theater Jan. 31–Feb. 9

By Graham DeShazer | Staff Writer

On Jan. 31, 2014, Pearce Theater will host the opening night of their production of Beauty and the Beast in the auditorium. The cast and crew of the production have been preparing for weeks now to make each of the 10 productions a success.

There are about 100 total cast and crew members getting ready for the show.

Students have been building the sets, preparing the music and practicing choreography.

“I think Beauty and the Beast will be great,” head theater director Heather Biddle said. “Pearce always has great shows and great actors.”

The leading roles will be performed by sophomore Sam Snyder as the Beast and senior Mollie Meril as Belle. Both students performed in last year’s production of West Side Story.

The Pearce technical theater department has been building the sets for Beauty and the Beast during the school year. Students in tech theater classes have been working to finish the sets in time for the show.

“We’ve been working hard, but I think it will really pay off,” technical theater student Marty Rosen said.

There will be 10 showings of Beauty and the Beast from Jan. 31 to Feb. 9 of next year. Pearce Theater relies on donations from local businesses and money from the theater booster club to conduct a show every year.

“I’m excited for this year’s production,” sophomore Sebastian Elverskog said.


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