‘Catching Fire’ exceeds expectations

By Abbie Martinez | Staff Writer

Sequels typically disappoint and never live up to the original. They usually leave audiences wondering why filmmakers even bothered. But Catching Fire is the exception to that rule.

Audiences were ecstatic to see the sequel to The Hunger Games not only meet expectations, but far exceed them. They mimicked the hand sign made by Katniss during the Victor Tour, and cringed as it was discovered that the Quarter Quell would include past victors from each district.

If readers were wondering if the movie would do the book justice, they were pleasantly surprised.

A new director added new depth to the love triangle of Katniss, Peeta and Gale. It veered a little from the book, but it was a great addition to the story. Catching Fire was a bit more violent than The Hunger Games, but it captured the essence of the book impeccably.

One of the best scenes in the book is the Jabber Jays and the effect they have on Katniss and Finnick. The audience could feel the desperation of these characters as if they were in that jungle along with them.

Another captivating scene was the monkeys. They were CGI, but looked and sounded much more real than the CGI dogs of The Hunger Games.

It was apparent that the budget was indeed larger for Catching Fire, as well as the vision of the director, Francis Lawrence.

The costumes were over the top and showed the excess of the Capitol and the desolate atmospheres of the Districts. As soon as viewers were thrown into the Quarter Quell, the pace of the movie picked up, and it was full of incredible scenery and diabolical twists in the arena.

Viewers who hadn’t read the book were busy trying to piece together what was going on. Was there a Revolution brewing? Was Gale going to be a part of it? Who does Katniss love more? Viewers who don’t know the answers already must see Catching Fire. It is the blockbuster of the year.


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