CDs holding their own against virtual music

By Sam Richards | Staff Writer

Many people are listening to music these days, and one of the biggest discussions is where their music is from. Online music from sites such as Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and various illegal websites seem to have taken over the younger generation.

Yet there are still some people who listen to music with CDs. It’s a known fact that CDs sound better than online than downloaded music.

“I like CDs better because they can be played over louder stereos, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone in the room,” junior Lydia Chen said.

Listeners can do much more with MP3 music than with a hard copy. It can virtually be taken anywhere because of iPods.

“Online music is fabulous because it is free,” junior Lucy Collins said.

Others students prefer virtual music.

“I hardly use CDs anymore. They are too out of date for me. I usually just use iTunes or Pandora to get all my music,” junior Mycah Stennett said.

Some people even prefer to listen to vinyl albums.

“Although I do listen to MP3 files when on the go, when I’m at my house I almost always listen to my music through vinyl albums on my record player,” junior Logan Bartolome said. “Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s totally worth the extra money to get that quality sound.”

It really comes down to what listeners are willing to sacrifice — a bit of quality or easy mobility.


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