Censorship controversy ends

By Connor Follis | Assignments Editor

Compared to that of previous generations, the experience of this year’s Wranglers has been vastly changed. They have been fortunate enough to occupy a central niche in the student community, as entertainers, as representatives and as a competitive team.

The issue of appropriate content has arisen due to the increasingly delicate relationship between the students and the administration. Disagreement regarding the leniency of executive power has caused many quarrels between the two parties. The days of rough comedy provided by the Wranglers may be rapidly deteriorating.

Although much enthusiasm remains, the change in attitude has impacted the spirit of the squad. An apathetic demeanor pervades the group after the administration’s veto of each potential performance. Consequently, perseverance in the formulation of new ideas has lagged recently.

The stagnancy of traditional innovation has forced the Wranglers to express their creativity in new ways. In a wayward expression of dissatisfaction at a recent pep rally, they covered their mouths with duct tape and sported T-shirts reading “censored” in an act of civil disobedience.

This stunt was short-lived. Administrators pulled them from the floor just moments after they planted themselves in front of the spectators. An angry sponsor gave them a scolding in a meeting later that day.

In this meeting, mathematics teacher Lance Belin acted as a mediator between the Wranglers and the Pearce administration. The request to tone down the explicit content was met with dissent.

Following the meeting, the Wranglers began work on a comedic version of the nostalgic children’s show “Dora the Explorer” starring Pablo Hernandez. Although several weeks were spent planning and rehearsing this skit, none of them knew whether the audience or the administration would appreciate the performance.

On the morning of the performance, the Wranglers went over the script one last time before being judged by the administration, students and parents. They were pleasantly surprised by the skit’s positive reception. The performance was a hit, and all the time spent on preparing this bit paid off in that very moment.

Student generally praised the skit for the remainder of the day. The censorship incident was diffused in a witty response, which instilled a positive attitude in both parties.

Despite a hostile confrontation between the administration and the Wranglers, the skit yielded a successful assembly and a unification of the community. Any worries of possible offense were vanquished soundly.

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