Drake continues to impress audiences

By Graham Rosen | Copy Editor

Hip-hop artist Drake performed in concert at the American Airlines center in Dallas on Sunday, Nov. 10.

“Fantastic, wonderful, hot, and inspiring” were words used to describe Drake’s breathtaking performance.

When Drake took the stage nearly an hour later than expected, he was greeted by a wave of cheers and applause for his long-awaited arrival.

In nearly every song he sang for the next hour and a half he was joined by thousands of eager fans.

Sophomore Nadir Samory attended the concert and said it was an event he will never forget.

“The beating of the bass and energy of the crowd was contagious, and it made you get up and cheer,” Nadir said.

While he tried to keep the number of guest stars to a minimum, Drake did get a major boost from the stylish singer Jhene Aiko and the cash money legend, Juvenile.

However, for the duration of the show all attention was on Drake.

Junior Ian Sellers also attended the concert and said it was the best concert he had ever been to.

“Compared to the other concerts I have attended, like Kendrick Lamar and Kenney Chesney, those were not even close to the amount of fun that I had at Drake,” Ian said.

Drake ended the concert with his famous song Started from the Bottom, which has charted in many countries and reached a peak of six on the Billboard Hot 100.

“When Drake ended with Started from the Bottom, I jumped out of my seat to sing along with my favorite song,” longtime Drake fan Anthony Santos said.


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