e-Books expand student access to books

By Shian Omar | Features Editor 

Students and teachers are now able to read checked out books on personal devices throughout the RISD. All they have to do is download the app Overdrive and sign in.

The district pushed out Overdrive on Oct. 28, and it is a free app that can be downloaded for the Kindle, Nook, Android or iOS devices.

“It is the same thing the Richardson Public library has, but you have to have a library card to check out books there,” librarian Jennifer Moore said.

For Pearce students, they just have to search up the RISD library and sign in using their school computer login and the pin, risdlms.

“The books are mostly fiction, so it is mostly books that kids would be wanting to read, not nonfiction books,” Ms. Moore said.

Many people don’t like to check out books from libraries because of the possibility of losing them.

“I like the program because it’s an easier access to books, and before I didn’t go to the library to borrow books because I didn’t have time, and I didn’t like the idea of possibly having an overdue book,” junior Ilona Calatayud said.

There still is the normal three-week checkout limit for each book, but one is able to check out a book again if it is not on hold.

“It checks it back in itself, so you don’t have to worry about that,” Ms. Moore said.

Students are able to check out three books at a time, and many even come with an audiobook.

“There’s a lot of book choices that I like, and now I don’t have to buy them,” Ilona said. “I can just borrow them with Overdrive and read anywhere. It’s very easy.”

High school students have access to all elementary, junior high and high school level books. This way, people in the teaching program can check out children’s books to read to their students.

“Any tool to encourage reading, or to get books in front of people, young and old, is beneficial,” English teacher Cynthia Gatlin said. “However, initially, the app did seem difficult to navigate.”

Students who have the program on their phone will have easy access to reading material at all times, and it can help them in their classes.

“If a child is constantly exposed to proper grammar through reading, he or she will be able to recognize patterns in his or her own writing,” Ms. Gatlin said.

The online library for the district continues to grow as the collection development committee decides on which books to add.

“The more use that it gets, the more books that we will begin buying,” Ms. Moore said.


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