‘Ender’s Game’ amazes despite minimal dialogue

By Matt Singer | Staff Writer

Ender’s Game is an emotional and suspenseful sci-fi thriller that defines what large-scale movies can be. The title is ironic because the movie plays games with one’s mind.

The production and directing of Ender’s Game is amazing.

The acting is one of the many outstanding characteristics that make this a need-to-see movie.

Some of the scenes in the movie seem to be rushed. Certain conversations between key characters are only a few minutes long, leaving the audience confused.

This is the only flaw that stands out in this movie. The second someone hears the name Harrison Ford, one should expect for the movie to be as accomplished as Ford is. The brilliant actor Asa Butterfield transforms into a defying yet innocent character within the first scenes of the movie.

The acting, the look and the action scenes could not have been produced better. By the end of the movie, the audience feels connected to each character, and the suspense builds up as they get to know each character. The movie is based in space, but this type of space has a type of danger that adds suspense to the already suspenseful movie.

This movie was made for the typical sci-fi lover. The plot is something that surprises everyone, the sound and look are amazing, and the acting is perfect.

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