Football Senior Night results in win

By Kennedy Curley | Staff Writer

The varsity football team won 63-3 against the Sunset Bison at Mustang-Eagle Stadium. The victory took place on Nov. 8.

The senior night game was dedicated to the seniors who have fought hard for four years in the football program. Many seniors who haven’t gotten on the field in past games were given more playing time

“Most of us seniors were in this program for all four years of high school, so the ones who didn’t get to play that much but stuck with it each day in practice were given this last memory to remember,” senior linebacker Nyaboga Momanyi said.

Although the night was dedicated to the seniors, juniors also shared equal time in the game.  Juniors with success included strong safety Dakota Pearle, who had an interception which was returned for a touchdown before halftime, Jake Hercamp, Alex Silva and Austin Noland, who were offensive players of the week. Defensive players of the week included seniors Nate Nelson and Sam Long.

For some players, it was a good game becaause of the amount of playing time they had compared to other games. This was the case for junior Zach Scaff, who plays linebacker for the varsity team.

“It was nice to get involved in more action on the field,” Zach said. “A lot of juniors don’t get to play that much and the same goes with some seniors, so it was fun.”

A traditional part of Senior Night is the senior walk after the game. Seniors in their respective groups, such as band, Pacesetters and the varsity football team, walk across the field for the last time as they hear the name of their organization being called out.

“It felt weird walking across the field after the game because you knew that it was going to be your last time on that field,” senior defensive lineman Jacob Holland said. “A lot of people were crying from each program.”


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