Golf team hopes to improve

By Adam Wechsler | Sports Editor

The season for the first semester has come to a close for the golf team. The team will look to make improvements heading into next semester.

Sophomore Will Lovelace plays at the varsity level. He sees room for improvement within the team, which has performed well so far this year. “We have done well but plan to improve next semester,” Will said. “Our varsity team performed well at the Robson Ranch Golf Club this semester. Also, the junior varsity team had a fantastic finish in the tournament at Dallas Athletic Club.”

Junior Giles Ufer is another varsity golfer. He also thinks that the team’s strongest performance was at the Dallas Athletic Club. “The team has done okay so far this year. Not horrible, but not great,” Giles said. “So far this year as a team, we have shot best at the DAC tournament. We are heading into the off-season where we will work out and run for two months and improve, and then we will start playing in tournaments again.”

While the team has performed well, putting has seemed to be an issue with the team.

“We are a poor putting team and look to make improvements on and around the green,” Will said. While the team hopes to improve on aspects of play such as putting, they will continue to improve their performance as a team and as players.

Sophomore Trevor Freeman recently got promoted to the varsity team. He also thinks that there are areas the team could improve in and has high aspirations for the future. “Our team has done okay but there is plenty of room for improvement,” Trevor said. “Because we are a very young team, we are trying to get experience in big tournaments. We are hoping to make it to regionals this year so that we can potentially make it to state and win a state championship next year.”

Although golf is an individual sport, the golf team focuses on playing as a cohesive unit.

“As far as team aspects, our coach always tells us that no matter if you’re playing well or poorly, you always need to continue to do your best because you don’t know if your score will be counted,” Trevor said. “Being a good team helps us do this.”

Will Lovelace agreed with Trevor in that playing as a team is important in playing well on the course. “Even though it is an individual sport, you have to be supportive of your teammates so they can finish well,” Will said.

As far as individual performances go, some players haven’t noticed a standout performer throughout the season. Trevor Freeman, though, did notice one on junior varsity.

“I wouldn’t say there is a ‘top performer’ on the team so far, but there are some good players on varsity,” Trevor said. “Calvin Martinez did play well and won the first junior varsity tournament this year, though.”

Despite this, Will Lovelace put it in more simple terms. “No one has performed to the best of their ability this year,” Will said.

Though the team may not have performed up to par by their standards, they will look to continually improve going into next semester, in order to get to the level that they expect themselves to play at.

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