Junior participates in Russian gymnastics competition

By Matt Singer | Staff Writer

 On Nov. 30, Pearce junior Cole Casanova left for Moscow to compete in the Voronin Cup gymnastics competition on Tuesday, Dec. 3, and Wednesday, Dec. 4. 

On average, Cole spends 30 hours a week practicing at the Woga located in Frisco. 

This was his first trip outside the United States for gymnastics purposes. Cole returned on Dec. 5. 

He said he was very excited to go to Moscow with his coach, who is from Russia, and his fellow teammate.

Cole has been taking part in gymnastics since he was four years old. 

He has always been around the sport. In fact, his sister is on the Michigan gymnastics team, and he enjoys watching her when he can visit. 

“I would like to do gymnastics at Stanford or Michigan, but I’m not sure if I want to do it professionally,” Cole said.

Cole earned 10th place out of the 30 participants in the Voronin Cup.

Although Cole may be a superstar at gymnastics, he also enjoys looking and learning about cars, and he says he loves to eat. However, gymnastics is his main priority and he hopes to achieve great things.


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