New Mexican restaurant disappoints

By Carly Harsha | Business manager

The new restaurant Zesty, on the corner of Arapaho and Westshore, leaves everything to be desired.

On the outside, the decorations are tacky and the presentation is lacking, especially considering their need to be attracting potential customers.

Inside, diners are reminded that it was previously a Burger King. The ambiance is awkward and makes patrons feel like they’re at a slightly fancier Taco Bell, minus the good food. The waiters seem nice, but are relatively inexperienced and a little bit sassy.

The complimentary chips are decent, but a little on the stale side. There are three salsas offered, but only one even looks like it might have been made from real vegetables.

The menu is so cramped that the descriptions of the food selections are easily misread.

The Zesty Chile Con Queso is average, and a bowl of it is definitely not worth the $5.95 cost.   The beef quesadillas are dry and typical.

The pico de gallo that comes on the side consists of chunks of tomatoes and onions that are haphazardly placed on the side and hardly even qualifies as a sufficient salsa.

Once again, the quesadillas are hardly worth the $8.95 price tag. The Veracruz potato cakes are glorified round salty french fries with no special flavor to them at all.

There is probably about two weeks’ worth of a normal person’s salt intake contained in that small round ball.

Zesty is a new place and run by inexperienced people, and everything about the restaurant screams just that.

This is Texas, so if you want quality Tex-Mex, drive about half a mile in any direction and chances are you’ll find a restaurant that’s better equipped to serve high quality food.


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