New Texas law restricts choice for women


A recent law passed in Texas limits the number of abortion clinics that can legally operate based on a strict set of criteria. The law’s restrictions have required a third of the state’s 36 facilities to stop providing their abortion amenities and would limit nearly 20,000 women from their services annually. The law also requires that the doctors carrying out the procedures have hospital rights within 30 miles of the location in which they perform the abortion.

Democratic state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who led an all-day filibuster to prevent this law from becoming enacted, is just one of the many Texans justifiably discontented with this new regulation. The law doesn’t benefit women’s health, and instead serves as a large barricade for women who need abortion services.

The subject is often considered to be taboo. No one wants to talk about it for fear that it will offend someone’s beliefs. But someone needs to speak up for women who are losing the choice of what to do with their bodies. First they cut the number of clinics by a third, next it’s a half, and slowly women’s freedom is taken without their consent. The state government acts as if it has the right to steal the personal options that women have the congenital right to hold. Women with unwanted pregnancies have the right to make the decision that will be the best for them and their present life situation.

Opponents of the new restrictions have appealed to the Supreme Court, but on Nov. 19 the court voted to leave a lower court ruling in place, allowing the law to take effect.

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