Oxala’s Open Mic Night displays student talent

By Sam Groves | Opinion Editor

Oxala, the student organization behind Pearce’s literary and arts magazine, planned an “Open Mic Night” in the black box theater on Friday, Dec. 13. The event was designed help promote and raise money for the club.

“The performers at the Open Mic Nights are students who voluntarily go on stage to display their talent in front of a supportive audience,” club sponsor Craig Pavlue said.

Students wishing to attend or participate in Friday’s event had to pay a small fee for entry, as Oxala requires funds to publish a magazine, also titled Oxala, at the end of the year.

“It’s necessary for us to raise some funds for the magazine publication at the end of the year,” Mr. Pavlue said, “so we usually charge a modest entry fee or collect donations.”

For students who couldn’t make it to Open Mic Night but still want their prose, poetry, music or artwork to be visible, there will be other opportunities. “Oxala hosts a variety of campus events,” Mr. Pavlue said.

In addition, students can submit their work for review to be included in this year’s magazine publication.

“Publication is a demonstration of one’s abilities, backed by the approval of an elected body, and the magazine itself offers a rewarding display of talent for everyone to enjoy,” Mr. Pavlue said.

To submit, students can visit Oxala’s newly revamped website or talk to Mr. Pavlue in room C203.

“We accept submissions in practically any medium that falls under the umbrella of ‘creative arts,’” Mr. Pavlue said.

Oxala is open to everyone, and meets Wednesdays in Mr. Pavlue’s room, C203.


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