Pearce adopts new SAT/ACT prep class to better prepare students

By Branden Swartz  | News Editor

This year, Pearce has adopted a new SAT/ACT Prep class in order to prepare students for the SAT and ACT classes. Ms. Miranda Gilliam is the teacher for this new class.

Ms. Gilliam and Ms. Tobi Brooks participated in a program over the summer to help prepare them for teaching this class.

It taught them to teach students to efficiently solve problems, Ms. Gilliam said.

The class focuses on preparing juniors for the SAT and the ACT tests. The spring semester is when most students are preparing to take the SAT and ACT tests in order to prepare for college.  Students are often dropped blind into the SAT and ACT tests.

“The SAT and ACT are unfair, and this class helps students prepare,” Ms. Gilliam said.

Students often have no idea where to begin with SAT and ACT preparation. Most students don’t even buy a practice booklet to help them prepare. The PSAT is the most preparation that the average student gets.

Not all students, however, want to go into it blind.

“It’s free, and I knew that I could utilize it to improve my preparation skills,” junior Chanel Cooper said.

This is the first year that the program has been utilized by Pearce, but it seems to have been adopted fairly quickly by the students.

“It gives you an elective credit, and it helps you prepare for the SAT,” junior Robert Kuhne said.

Students learn valuable skills, including the grading algorithms, which help them pick answer choices without knowing the answers.

Students have started to notice improvement since they started taking the class.

“It helps with grammar and vocab,” Chanel said.

Students take many practice tests during the course to help improve their test taking skills and abilities.

Math and English are combined in this class to help improve student skills and to help students learn the skills they will need to take the SAT and ACT tests efficiently.

“We use a plugging in method that helps with math,” Chanel said.

With the combination of two core classes, students are prepared to take the challenging SAT and ACT tests.

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