Pearce adopts Bukhair Elementary students

By Maria Sagrero | Advertising Editor

Each year Pearce participates in the Bukhair charity project. Bukhair Elementary staff sends the Student Council a list of students who need Christmas presents, whose families are not financially capable of buying their children a Christmas gift.

The staff gives a list of clothing, shoe sizes, and    gifts that they would like to receive.

Every fourth period class adopts at least one child and raises money. The Student Council recommends that each fourth period class make a goal of $100 for each child they decide to adopt.

After raising the money, the representative of the class goes out and buys the gifts with the money raised.

Pearce has participated in this charity project for over 20 years.

The StuCo members collect the gifts and deliver them on a Saturday morning to all of the parents whose kids were adopted.

Pearce adopts between 90 to 115 kids each year.

“It’s fun being part of a project like this because it’s a good feeling knowing that other kids will be having a great Christmas with our help,”  class representative Lauren Johnson said.

Student Council president Oren Yacoel has been participating in this project for the past two years while being a member of StuCo.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to help out those less fortunate than us. It is a great way to let everyone enjoy the holidays,” Oren said.


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