Schedule makes it hard to finish lunch

By Jack Flynn | Assistant Opinion Editor

Pearce’s current lunch schedule has caused some students to question whether or not they are given enough time for lunch. Many students argue that the time is too short to eat a proper lunch and reset their day, while others feel it is already sufficient.

Studies show that when students’ lunch times are shortchanged, there are often problems in behavior, academic performance and attention span. While instructional time must be valued, many believe the current schedule holds little consideration of the student body. “Its hurting my mental stability by not allowing me enough social time, while we are forced to shove our food down our throats,” sophomore Jacob Wells said.

Many other students argue that waiting in line severely cuts down the time they have to eat, forcing them to fork it down or throw it out. They claim that administrators can’t set high academic expectations if lunchtime  is being shortchanged.

“I like to buy from the lunch line every day, and every day I get there, there is a huge line, so once I finally get to eating, I don’t have enough time,” sophomore Ethan Bubel said.

Many students, however, feel that their lunchtime is already sufficient and no additional time is necessary. “Our lunch schedule usually gives me enough time to eat, so I don’t think it needs to be changed,” sophomore Daniel Cullinane said.

Administrators have a job to do, and cutting instructional time short can impede their ability to do so. Pearce’s 25-minute lunch time does lag behind the national average, which is an estimated 31 minutes, but they continue to exceed academic standards with an impressive national rank of 494. If the lunch times were having a negative academic effect on the student body, such high standards might not be achieved.


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