Swimming team works to repeat last year’s successful season

By Peyton Moore | Staff Writer

Pearce has all kinds of sports: tennis, baseball, basketball, and football, etc. It also has a great and determined swim team that works hard for everything they do.

The Mustangs’ swim team is bold, proud, and wonderful to be around. They try and succeed nine out of 10 times to be the best.

Pearce’s swim team practices almost every day. They even practice on the weekends. They practice all sorts of swimming styles, including freestyle and butterfly. Pearce’s swim team is determined and always is trying to do their best.

Last year’s season was led by,not only a wonderful coach, but also a hardworking team. On Friday, Feb. 1, in the 2012-2013 season, the 5A class girls and boys swim team both won the District 10 Championship. For the girls’ swim team, Sarah McNair finished first place in the 200- and 500-yard freestyle, and Annette Mendez finished first place for the 100-yard butterfly.

It was a good season for members of the boys swim team as well.

For the boys’ swim team Blake Maczka won first place for the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyle, and Scott Lin won first place for the 100-yard freestyle. That same year Coach Dan Hafner was selected as 2012-2013 Swim Coach of the Year for both girls and boys teams.

Many people would think  that swim is boring or possibly that it is merely a bunch of work with no pleasure to it at all. “Swim is a lot of hard work,” sophomore Shelby Williamson said. “My arms and legs are always hurting just from working out everyday in the pool. Also, the pool water is sometimes cold, especially early on a Saturday morning. Even though I dislike all these things, swim is so worth it. It is hard, yet fun.”

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