Talent Show performers wow audience

By Megan Smith | Staff Writer

Students performed in Pearce’s annual talent show on Oct. 16, with a plethora of music, dancing and more. Though all performances were notable, the three acts with the most votes were Allison Ford, Clipp and the Clippers, and Adrianna Banzhof.

“We practiced maybe three or four times before the show,” said Clipp and the Clippers member Jacob Tanamachi. “The rest of the band was pretty skeptical about the performance, but I felt pretty confident we did well.”

The band, made up of Clipp McKeen, Joe Swiney, Jay Schmidt and Sam Richards, played Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

“My group did a hip hop choreography routine dance,” junior Lilly Bristol said. “We, as in Deshaun Higgins, Will Funes, Christian Palma, Christian Orozco, Ruben Torres and Julian Segura, practiced after school in the dance studio several times before the night of the show.”

Another band, called Pinhead Larry, played All Comes Down by Kodaline. The group consists of Andrew Adams, Caitlin Arnett, Crystal Morrison and Jack Gann.

“I practiced twice with them before the show,” Jack said. “I’ve played in a lot of shows before, so I felt great going onto the stage.”

Clipp and the Clippers, which placed second, played with flutists Brittany Grubert and Sophie Kellner.

“It was really awesome getting placed in the top three,” Jacob said. “The best part was rubbing the win in the rest of the band’s face that we actually placed, because none of them thought we would.”

After all the acts were performed, students voted for their top acts with their cell phones while Stampede and a few other groups entertained.

“I loved going to the show this year,” junior Maggie Myers said. “I got the chance to see many extremely talented people from our school do what they’re best at.”

Performers agreed it was a good experience.

“I felt pretty pumped up going into it,” Lilly said. “I was pretty confident in the performance, so I was just having fun.”


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