Ultimate Frisbee team enjoys recent successes

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer

The Ultimate Frisbee team looks to do well in their various matches and tournaments this spring. They are expected to be one of the top teams in the state.

They have already had a tournament this season in Waco on Nov. 16, where they went three and one overall. They played local Houston and Austin teams like St. Thomas, Belton, Kingswood and LASA.

“We got seventh in state last year, and we’re looking to do better this year,” captain Brian Street said. “I was told by other kids on the DFW youth team that Pearce is going to be the team to beat this year.”

Along with the new skill on the team, the squad has a lot of returning seniors.

“We’re looking to win the state championship, and if not we’re looking to get close,” captain Luke Rehfuss said. “We’ll be good because we didn’t lose a lot of our good players like many teams do,” he added.

The team works together very well, cohesively coming together to help them win as much as possible.

“The biggest factors to our success this year is Nico, our defensive all-star, and Luke, our all-state offensive cutter, and well placed throws from our outstanding handling crew,” Brian said.

“What makes our team so good this year is that, with all the great, well-rounded players we have, we also have a lot of new players that are learning fast due to all of our veteran players teaching them so well,” sophomore Pearce Tungcmittrong said.

“Everyone on the team is dedicated to the sport and is always trying their best to improve through every game and practice, making the team even better,” Pearce added.

“Frisbee is a fun, competitive, athletic sport that really pushes you and everyone around you to do your best,” sophomore, Jacob Zetley said.

The team looks to inmprove heading into future tournaments. They will focus on aspects in practicing the game.

“We look to improve our team through our knowledge of the game and by practicing our throws,” Brian said. “We train and practice every chance we get so that we might be able to win state.”

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