Athletes ready for move to 6A conference

By Sam Elliot | Staff Writer

Pearce athletics will be in the new 6A conference created by UIL, pending the official realignment occurring on Feb. 3 . The cutoff number that UIL has designated for 6A is 2,100 students, which is exceeded by Pearce’s total enrollment.

“Basically, the district would have all the same schools with the possibility of having one school switched out for another,” cross-country runner Sam Braht said. “The pairing of DISD and RISD schools works well because of the proximity of the two school districts.”

A proposed district currently has all the RISD schools as well as some of the current DISD schools in 9-5A districts, which all sports already participate in. Although the schools in the district would mostly remain the same, a slight possibility exists for an old rival, Highland Park, to join the new district because, currently, Highland Park is six students over the 2,100 student cutoff for 6A.

“It would be great to play an old rival like Highland Park again,” cross-country runner Cameron Weir said. “Highland Park was almost a bigger rival than Richardson in some aspects.”

Despite being placed in the same district, there is a large gap between the schools that barely exceed the line and teams that far exceed the limit. Schools like Plano West and Allen have as many as 1,500 students in each grade.

“I was really excited with the proposition of an added 6A to UIL, but when the numbers came out I was disappointed,” football player Jacob Wells said. “It was a great idea, but I feel like UIL made some mistakes with the numbers. They had a chance to correct the unfairness other schools experience playing the gigantic schools like Allen.”

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