Football players prepare for 7-on-7 football competitions

By Kennedy Curley | Staff Writer

The varsity football team will be practicing early for next season by participating in 7-on-7 football starting in March. Seven-on-7 football is supposed to help improve the defensive backs, wide receivers, linebackers, quarterbacks and running backs.

“Seven-on-7 is only touch football, and it’s only for the skilled-position players,” wide receiver Clipp McKeen said. “We should start practicing next week and start competing from March through the summer.”

The players technically aren’t required to play, but they’re strongly advised to participate by their coaches. Junior varsity players are advised to join as well.

“It’s one of those things that they say is optional, but they really mean you need to join or you’ll be in trouble,” Clipp said.

They practice during the week, normally after school, and they compete in tournaments on the weekends. Other non-tournament competitions don’t have a particular schedule pattern.

The competition consists of other varsity teams that the team isn’t normally used to playing against in the fall, as well as district teams that the team normally plays.

“We play other teams from all over, especially when we reach state,” varsity wide receiver Josh Ochoa said.

After qualifying for state, teams from all over Texas meet up at College Station for one big tournament and see whose skilled position players rank toward the top of the state.

“Normally we do a good job at competing at that level,” varsity running back Jake Hercamp said. “I think we can do it again.”

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