PRO: If regulated properly, legalized marijuana is beneficial

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff writer

maryjane-yes.jpgDue to some of the drug’s positive attributes and despite mild side effects, marijuana has become legal in both Colorado and Washington.

Marijuana has been proven to help relieve the body from pain, nausea and other common illnesses. Marijuana can be a good substitute for alcohol for adults. The only risk of taking the drug is the small possibility of being arrested.

However, even though marijuana is legal, there are still a few rules on who can enjoy the herb and how to do it.

You must be over 21 to purchase the substance. It is illegal to give marijuana to minors, drive under the influence of marijuana, consume marijuana in public or take it out of the state where it is legalized. Only licensed establishments may sell it.

These rules are heavily enforced by the police, allowing the intake of the substance to be safe. Someone who enjoys marijuana must do so in his own private space while away from anyone he could harm while high. However, the likelihood of one damaging the public is extremely low.

On the first day of the legalization, public sales of marijuana brought in over one million dollars in revenue. Marijuana sold legally creates great business opportunities and helps the economy. Marijuana sales are extremely high, possibly increasing the likelihood of federal legalization.

The choice to take marijuana is up to the individual. Somebody who uses the plant understands the risks. It is widely known that any drug can harm the body. However, the effect from marijuana is so low that it is barely considered a threat.

The legalization of marijuana may not affect any students here in Dallas, but the legalization may decrease crime in both Washington and Colorado. There are more benefits to the legalization than there are negatives.

Marijuana may not become legal in Texas in the near future, but it is interesting to see the public reaction to this controversial subject.

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