Full schedule to be required for seniors

By Carly Harsha | Staff Writer

The school board has recently decided that the class of 2018, next year’s incoming freshmen, will be required to take seven full class periods throughout their entire four years at Pearce, as will the following grades after them. Typically, in the past, juniors have been required to take a minimum of six classes and seniors have been required to take a minimum of five.

Needing to fulfill seven periods every year will enable upperclassmen to take more classes that will benefit them academically. Currently, it is very easy for students to opt for only six classes given the option.

But now that they will be required to continue taking seven throughout high school, it will give them the chance to take classes they hadn’t considered taking before.

For example, Pearce offers a College Reading class and a College Transition class that juniors and seniors can benefit greatly from.

If Pearce were to create more classes focused specifically on college preparation topics (SAT/ACT, college application work, etc.), it would increase students’ desires to pursue higher education.

Making these students pick more electives can give them the chance to explore other electives and potentially find something they’re truly interested in. On the other hand, forcing students to take seven classes for four years may be a hassle for many people. A large proportion of upperclassmen at Pearce have jobs, and many elect to take fewer class periods in order to earn more money.

The extra class periods will also take away from more study time. The junior and senior year are both crucial when it comes to college potential, and students have to juggle multiple classes, sports and electives, all while maintaining good grades.

Making students take extra classes in order to fill a quota is excessive and could bring them down. Having filler classes will be time consuming and take away a student’s advantage of having more out-of-school work time.

Overall, there are good and bad effects of this new implementation. Only time will tell how the students are affected by it in the upcoming years.

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