National History Day competition interrupted by false alarm

By Adam Wechsler | Sports Editor

photo 1.JPG

Photo credit: Adam Wechsler

The National History Day school-wide competition took place on Saturday, Jan. 25, in the school library. During the competition, an alarm went off throughout the school for a reason unknown to students.

A woman there told me when the alarm goes off, it means an intruder has come into the school,” junior Ryan Safdarinia said. “The alarm turned off after a few minutes, but when the alarm was on there was no urgency. Everybody left casually, so it was weird.”

Junior Bryan Harris was also at school for the NHD competition.

“It caught me off guard,” Bryan said. “We had no clue what was going on. No one came by to help, so we didn’t know if there was a real emergency. Eventually, after the alarm stopped, we just went back to what we were doing.”

Mrs. Mary Eisenmann is the Dean of Instruction and Faculty at the school, and she reassured people that there was no danger from the alarm and nothing to worry about.

“It was the security alarm, not a fire alarm,” Mrs. Eisenmann said. “It is there to notify security if somebody is in the building and is not supposed to be. We have to tell security that something is going on in the building so they can disarm it for the weekend.”

Mrs. Eisenmann went on to clarify that there was no safety problem for the students. The alarm was not turned off, causing it to be triggered by students in the building.

“There was some breakdown, either in our communication to them, or their programming, that caused this. Nothing bad happened,” Mrs. Eisenmann said.

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