Snow day blunder causes confusion

By Branden Swartz | News Editor

With bad weather striking the nation, Texas has not been exempt from its fair share of winter storms. The Richardson Independent School District has missed three days this school year, with two scheduled make up days, and one day that it hopes to have waived.

To make up for the missed days, RISD decided to cancel the President’s Day holiday on Monday, Feb. 17. RISD gave a week of notice for the canceled day, though to some, this is unacceptable.

RISD has always been strict with its holiday and bad weather days, and this year is one of the few that has actually had several bad weather days. RISD unnecessarily canceled school on Friday, Feb. 7, and even administrators don’t know the true reason for the cancellation.

“I actually have not heard the reason why school was canceled on Friday,” Pearce Dean of Instruction and Facilities Ms. Mary Eisenmann said.

The roads on Friday, Feb. 7, were clear and completely free of ice. The storm that was going to hit did indeed hit, but it was far less severe than predicted. Now, students are being forced to give up one of their three-day weekends, simply because RISD didn’t have the foresight to listen to other districts.

In the past, the RISD, the Dallas Independent School District and the Plano Independent School District have all worked in tandem. If DISD schools are closed, then RISD schools are generally closed, along with PISD schools. But, on Feb. 7, RISD schools were closed while PISD and DISD schools were open.

Some families with children in RISD schools had already made plans for the upcoming three-day weekend, and in some cases, a week is not enough time to either cancel or reschedule plans.

Senior exception policy allows students to be absent two days and then not have to attend exam week. However, if a student misses three days, they have to attend exam work. Then, if a student misses more than three days, they have to take exams.

Many seniors planned college trips to avoid missing school and stacking up their absences. Now, with the unexpected make-up day, students will have to worry about what they missed and the work they are returning home to.

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