Torchy’s Tacos delights taste buds

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer

Torchy’s Tacos is a small chain that has sold soft tacos in Texas since 2006. It opened inside a food trailer on the streets of Austin, and eventually more locations, like the one at Preston and Beltline, were built.

Their menu consists of breakfast tacos, taco meals and chips. Their gourmet tacos are much like ones you would get in a food truck.The restaurant is contemporary, and it makes customers feel like they’re in Austin.

Everything on the menu will delight your taste buds, sending you into a taco heaven. Their tacos, queso and guacamole are all top notch.

Some items on the menu include the Green Chile Pork, the Trailer Park, the Bushfire and the Baja Shrimp.

Their most popular taco on the menu is the Trailer Park taco. It consists of fried chicken
, green chile, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese on a flour tortilla with poblano sauce. Honestly, it’s to die for.

Torchy’s was named “Best Taqueria” from the Dallas Observer in 2013. They also were named “Best Tacos” from the Austin Chronicle and Great Day’s Best in Houston List 2013.

All their ingredients are fresh, and their cups and napkins are made of 100 percent renewable resources.

Torchy’s doesn’t just sell food. They also sell a number of T-shirts, gift cards and hot sauce.

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