Ennio Emmanuel comes to Pearce to spread his message of hope and to teach Spanish


Ennio looks to the crowd during the spanish concert on Feb. 19 in the auditorium. He preformed almost a two hour concert. (Gast)

Latin Grammy winner Ennio Emmanuel performed in the auditorium on Wednesday, Feb. 19. His tour promotes the Spanish language in America through music.

During the concert he performed many of his hit songs like Manda un Angel, Baila Baila and Confiar en Mi.

“The concert was very fun and enjoyable,” sophomore Parker Self said . “It was fun being with my friends. Ennio was awesome, and the songs were great.”

Students Claudia Arguelles, Clipp McKeen, Katie Ruff and many others performed a choreographed dance on stage with Ennio.
Sophomore Sophie Kellner also sang a duet on stage with Ennio.

Ennio sang to people from the crowd, throughout the concert.

“It was a lot of fun,” sophomore Trevor Freeman said. “Ennio interacted with the crowd very well, and I learned a lot of Spanish throughout the year from listening to his songs.”

Ennio also shared some of his life story including how he got caught up in drugs and alcohol when he was a teen.

The name of his tour is Ojala, which means “hope.” The tour is intended to help spread the Spanish language but also encourage the audience to love life instead of waste it.

“He interacted with us, took pictures with us, and he was so down to earth,” sophomore Cameron Weir said .

The song Confiar en Mi addresses the issue trust. Many of his songs are about trust, hope and love. He said he wanted to be a good influence on students by giving advice between songs.

The concert was organized by Spanish 2 and 3 Pre-AP teacher Mrs. Tara Christensen. She planned the event through the Justo Lamas group, which hosts the program. The concert was organized to give students a memorable experience.

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