Mock Trial Team just misses state

By Carolyn Perlmutter | Entertainment Editor
The Mock Trial team advanced to the semi-finals in the Regional competition at the George L. Allen Courthouse on Feb. 1 and 8. The team’s goal was to advance to the quarter-finals in the competition.

There are 18 members of this year’s Mock Trial team. They meet two to three times a week. Leading up to competitions, they study and meet more often, practicing in total around three to four hours a week.

“The hardest part is having the nerve to get up there to face a tough lawyer,” sophomore Sarah Taquet said.

Out of 22 teams only three advance to State. Every team in the state is assigned the same case.

“This year the case was a lawsuit for defamation,” sophomore Robert Burns said. “The plaintiff was suing the defendant for making a false post on an online messaging board that made the plaintiff lose a job.”

At the regional competition, sophomore Sarah Taquet was in the running for the “Outstanding Witness” award, and senior Alex Bressler won the “Best Advocate” award.

“My students worked so hard and learned their material extremely quickly,” Mock Trail Coach Sean Dowlatshahi said. “They were slow on the get-go, because some members were relatively new, but there was great senior leadership.”

After coming so close to advancing to the State competition, next year’s Mock Trial team faces high expectations.

“The team set their own goal, but now that they have their feet wet, I would assume they would shoot for State,” Coach Dowlatshahi said. “Getting as close as they did often leaves students with a thirst for more.”

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