Rep. Sessions speaks at Pearce, praises American youth

By Graham Rosen | Copy Editor


Congressman Sessions speaking to the Young Americans for Freedom Club. Photo credit: Alissa S. Lloyd

United States Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) spoke to the Young Americans for Freedom club on Monday, Feb. 24. Rep. Sessions visited and spoke in Mr. Jarred Stewart’s classroom after an invitation from club president Robert Mendelsen, one of his campaign volunteers.

Throughout the meeting, Rep. Sessions spoke about his ideals and vision for America. The Congressman also stressed to the group the importance of the power of Washington and the impact it would have on their lives.

“I want you to understand that we are making decisions today in Washington that are going to affect your future,”
Rep. Sessions said.

The Congressman also touched on his party’s position on several issues including abortion, as well as his personal position on the legalization of marijuana and sequestration.

Rep. Sessions warned the students of the dangers of marijuana and the negative effects it could have on their lives.

He emphasized the need to fully fund the military, primarily due to the number of countries who oppose America as well as the threat of terrorism. He said sequestration limits America’s ability to combat these forces.

Rep. Sessions also highlighted the most enjoyable aspect about visiting schools like Pearce.

“My favorite part about visiting schools is that I get to see the eagerness, fire and ideas of America’s youth,”
Rep. Sessions said.

Congressman Sessions also allowed students to ask him questions about political, social and other issues.

Sophomore Elisabeth Berglund, General Vice President of YAF attended the meeting and praised the Congressman’s visit.

“I liked how he plainly put out his views and was very open about his opinions without overstepping boundaries,” Elisabeth said.

Junior Jay Schmidt, another YAF member, appreciated the chance to hear from the Congressman in person.

“I really enjoyed listening to a real politician. He is an important person in Washington as the Chairman of the Rules Committee,” Jay said.

The Young Americans for Freedom club is a political discussion group sponsored by Mr. Stewart.

Congressman Sessions visits schools like Pearce about three times a month. He has recently visited other schools such as Sachse, Episcopal School of Dallas and Nimitz High School.

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