Garage band Oath of Chaos to perform at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas

By Sam Richards | Staff Writer

Oath of Chaos is a metal band whose members currently attend Pearce. It consists of senior Chris Murphy on vocals, senior Aiden Frith on guitar and sophomore Nathan Ellis on the drums.

Oath of Chaos started out two years ago in the garage of Chris’ house playing covers of songs from bands that were popular at the time.

“We played songs from various metal and hard rock bands, and we were kind of horrible,Chris said. We’d just mess around with our instruments hoping that we would figure out something that sounded cool.”

As time progressed, the group had members come and go, and over the years they realized that they all had different goals, so they decided to pack it up and go on their separate ways.

Now, a year later, Oath of Chaos is back together. Instead of performing covers, they are writing original songs, such as War Torn, Blacknife, Trust No One and Mad Hatters.

“I’m really glad we got back together and started making music again with my friends,” Aiden said.

On April 6 Oath of Chaos will be performing at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas. They will cover KIlling in the Name of, by Rage Against the Machine, as well as playing six other original songs that they wrote. Oath of Chaos is also expecting to have free downloads on iTunes by mid-April.

Soon the band will start recording songs with their own recording equipment. They will also begin performing their songs in places like Deep Ellum, an art and music district in Dallas.

“Our goal as a band is to change the way our modern generation sees music,” Nathan said.

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