‘Beauty and the Beast’ impresses audiences

By Daniel Doan | Journalism 1

Pearce theater put on Beauty and the Beast starring Mollie Meril and Sam Snyder from Jan. 30 to Feb. 23 in the Pearce Auditorium. This is the second time Pearce has performed this play in the past 10 years.

This play starred Mollie Meril as Beauty, Sam Snyder as Beast, Reed Hatley as Gaston, and Bryce Ericksen as Maurice.This was Sam’s first play as one of the lead actors.

The acting was outstanding. It was like watching real events unfold, instead of watching a play. The actors played their characters’ personalities to perfection. It was like the actors were the characters.

The singing was on key and altogether very good. The actors didn’t hesitate or forget any of their words. During the play 21 songs were sung.

The sets were very realistic. Some of the sets included the town square, where they started the play with Belle getting a new book, and the forest, where the Beast saves Belle from the wolves. Each set was more realistic than the last.

The audience was extremely interested and hardly took their eyes off the stage.

The orchestra did a fantastic job on the music. All the instruments worked well together and all their sheet music was followed. Very few if any notes were missed.
For a high school orchestra, they played fantastically.

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