Elimination of choice in schedules limits freedom for seniors

By Carly Harsha | Business Manager

The senior class of 2015, and presumably the senior classes in the years following, will not be allowed to pick their 12th-grade teachers nor their specific class periods for each class. This is contrary to past years, where the senior year was known as the year that students were able to adjust their schedules how they liked.

Senior year is known to most as the year of choices. Instead of being told they have to take a specific science, their only decision being regular or Pre-AP/AP, for example, they are given the option to pick from a wider range of available science classes. There are 12 science-related classes offered to seniors, including Forensics, Anatomy, AP Environmental Science and AP Chemistry.

It’s debatable whether or not this new restriction will limit the seniors. In past years, seniors had the option to specify which teacher and class period they wanted, ensuring that they would be taught by who they wanted, when they wanted.

This most likely forced teachers, counselors and administrators to spend many hours of work and caused them much grief. On top of having to sort out about 2,000 schedules, they had to spend the time fixing about 500 schedules to schedule specific classes and teachers, trying to avoid schedule complications and full class periods. Taking away this option will undoubtedly save the school officials countless hours of work.

Seniors, however, are losing the little sense of college life that they were able to experience. In college, students can do research on the professors and sign up for their specific class if they wish. College students can manipulate their schedules when they sign up for classes, making sure what teachers, classes and times that they want.

Next year will be a new experience for seniors, and many feel that they’re going to lose a vital advantage they had for their fourth year of high school. It’s taking away a choice that was a gift to seniors to help them pick teachers and class periods they wanted. Nevertheless, it won’t affect them too severely and should eventually become normal for everyone involved.

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