Pearce recycling efforts limited due to lack of bins; other conservation methods successful

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer
The Pearce recycling program relies on the students and staff to do their part in recycling every day. Pearce only has a few special programs that help to make the community greener.

Many Pearce classrooms have a small, blue bin where students can place unwanted paper products. These bins can only hold a small amount of paper and are hardly used by the teachers. A majority of students will go straight to the nearest garbage bin to throw away their trash.

“I don’t recycle very often because there aren’t enough recycling bins in the classroom,” sophomore Blake Jones said. “Recycling just doesn’t come across my mind when I’m throwing something away.”

Districtwide, there are dumpsters located outside each school that can be used by faculty. At Pearce, there is a single recycling bin and a enormous trash compactor. Campuses are supposed to coordinate their own recycling efforts that promote environmental responsibility at the campus level.

Over the years, the school district has taken actions that have included automated lighting system, reduced wattage light bulbs, computer controlled irrigation systems and cafeteria green days.

“Whenever I get to school early in the morning some of the lights in the halls are turned off,” freshman Jake Kennedy said. “I have noticed this here at Pearce and at my elementary school.”

This is the automated lighting system taking effect. This system saves the district $26,000 annually in electricity.

Reduced wattage light bulbs were installed in 2002. These light bulbs saved the district $60,000 in electricity annually. They replace fluorescent light bulbs, which can be expensive.

Recently, after the final performance of Beauty and the Beast, all the wood used to construct the sets is being reused to construct whatever the Pearce theater does next. Tech Theater tries to salvage all materials that can be reused for several shows to come.

“All wood and screws that can be salvaged from the sets will be reused,” Tech Theater teacher Kelly Cox said. “The rest of the poor or bad materials will be thrown away.”

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