Boys junior varsity golf team wins Waterview Classic Tournament

By Abbie Martinez | Staff Writer

The boys junior varsity golf team competed in the Waterview Classic Junior Varsity Tournament on March 6 at Waterview Golf Course. Ty Martinez, Chase Keller, Sam Judd and Graham Hefner won first place with a total score of 346.

“My team was outstanding in playing off the tee and hitting the ball, but did not do as well as we could have around the green,” Chase said.

Even though the team has some things they need to work on, their connections and relationships are what really makes the team work.

“Our team always performs outstandingly at having fun,” Ty said. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we keep a high energy before and after each tournament.”

Along with being the first place team, they also had three individual winners, Ty, Chase and Sam. Ty placed first place with a score of 79.

“My personal performance showed a lot of improvement throughout the day,” Ty said. “I was able to tell myself what to do and how to do it and excite the right shots.”

Coach Brandon Thomas was proud of everyone who competed, but the players obviously won’t know if their best will beat everyone else.

“I knew that Ty was playing well, but i didn’t know if a 79 would hold up against the rest of the field,” Coach Thomas said.

Chase and Sam tied for fourth place with scores of 86.

“When going from hole to hole I was usually confident with my shot and how I was doing,” Chase said. “But right when I made a mistake my confidence would drop. But I wouldn’t let people see me less confident since that is a sign of weakness.”

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