“LeBronning” fad sweeps Pearce

By Haden Johnson | Journalism 1

In the last couple of months, “LeBronning”—flailing erratically each time somebody barely touches you—has swept the Internet all over the United States and has become a new, funny trend. The trend started on Vine, and subsequently spread rapidly due to the trend’s wide popularity.

“I didn’t know what happened,” freshman Grant Oliphint said on being LeBronned. Grant was “LeBronned” in the hallway last month by freshman Cole Blakeley.

“I felt like I was getting abused, but it was cool,” Grant said.

LeBron James is an All-Star player in the NBA. Sometimes, he flops to get a call, and fans have mixed feelings about Lebron and his flopping.

“He’s an artist,” Grant said. “It is his whining that can get pretty annoying.” Some people, like Grant, think flopping is part of the game and should remain in the game.

Others see it differently. “He’s a faker,” Cole said. “He’s turning the NBA to soccer league, which isn’t good for the game.”

Although he is labeled a major flopper, LeBron is not the only player in the NBA who embellishes contact to get a call. Flopping is shown at every level, going back to junior high and high school. Sometimes, flopping might be necessary to take a correct charge in basketball.

“Some flopping is involved in charges if you do it right,” varsity basketball Coach Marc Johnson said. “But, we still don’t teach flopping. We teach the proper way to take the contact.”

Cole “LeBronned” Grant in front of a large crowd near B hall. Many thought Cole was hurt, but they caught on that Cole was pulling a prank on Grant.

“A lot of people laughed, and some people were scared I was actually hurt,” Cole said.

Grant had a different view.

“They all laughed at my reaction, because I really thought I hurt him at first,” Grant said. “It was a cool experience though. It was fun.”

Last year, flopping was banned in the NBA. If a player is caught flopping, that player could receive a fine. The NBA doesn’t want flopping to be part of basketball, but some, including Grant, disagree.

“It’s stupid,” Grant said. “Flopping is part of the game, and it shouldn’t be banned.”

Sometimes it can be difficult to catch a player flopping.

“I don’t think they can legitimately catch players flopping because the setup of taking a charge involves flopping,” Coach Johnson said.


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