Pearce students advance to the state National History Day competition

By Sam Elliott | Staff Writer

At National History Day regionals, one group from Pearce advanced to state, which will take place on May 2 at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. They took second place in the documentary category.

National History Day is an annual contest in which students conduct research about a given theme and present their research through papers, websites, exhibits, performances and documentaries.

The group of Chris Fernandez, Bryan Harris, Kevin Armbruster, Zach Ulrich, and Sam Giese moved on to state in the documentary category.

“It may have helped that we were in the documentary category because there were only 15-20 documentaries in the category while there were a ton of websites,” junior Zach Ulrich said.

The team moved on despite facing some tough competition from other schools, where N.H.D. is a primary emphasis of the curriculum at the regional level. The group picked the topic of John Brown, an abolitionist, and extensively researched this subject.

“We competed against some tough schools who are basically raised in NHD like Mesquite, but our details and historical documentation, along with our soundtrack that one judge really enjoyed, helped us perform well,” junior Bryan said.

The team hopes to perform well at the state level and move on to Nationals, hosted by the University of Maryland, in June. At nationals, the group will compete against teams from all over the nation as well as teams from Samoa, Guam and Europe.

“We are looking forward to the competition because we became optimistic after our second-place finish,” Chris said.

While viewing other’s projects, the team began to understand some errors and how to improve theirs. The additional details and fixed errors in their documentary will help them make it to nationals.

“During the competition, we noticed some errors that we hope to fix before state,” Sam said.

The team’s already stellar project will be made even more detailed for success at the state level by researching more and adding that additional information.

“We are also thinking about adding some details to our project to succeed at state,” Chris said.

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