Pearce newspaper staff attends The Dallas Morning News High School Journalism Day

By Graham Rosen | Copy Editor


The Dallas Morning News Editor Bob Mong introduces Amanda Guerra from NBC news. During the banquet awards were given to high school students who had submitted pieces of exceptional journalism. (Gast)

The Pony Express leadership staff attended The Dallas Morning News High School Journalism Day on Thursday, April 17, at The Dallas Morning News building in downtown Dallas. The forum was hosted for high school students in the Dallas area to improve their journalism skills, speak with professional journalists, and to receive awards in several journalistic categories.

The forum had several workshops where the young reporters could hone their skills as writers, editors and photographers.

“In the workshops I learned different ways to handle different situations, and I learned tips for interviews,” Entertainment Editor Carolyn Perlmutter said.

Several students from the Pony Express newspaper went to a workshop with the Managing Editor of The Dallas Morning News.

“My favorite part was getting to talk to the editor of The Dallas Morning News because it was nice getting to hear advice from someone so successful in the journalism world,” Carolyn said.

Other Pearce students, including Matt Singer and Ari Schnitzer, went to a sports commentary workshop with The Ticket’s BaD Radio Show co-host Bob Sturm and SportsDay columnist David Moore.

“The workshop was a funny yet educational question-and-answer session where they gave us advice on any future sports journalistic plans,” Matt said.

“The two sports commentators answered every teen’s question thoroughly, and the advice given was helpful and encouraging for any emerging journalists,” Matt said.

The venues included The Dallas Morning News building in downtown Dallas and the Union Station building across the street.

After the workshops, the students and advisers where invited to a luncheon held in the Grand Hall at Union Station.

At the luncheon Amanda Guerra from NBC 5 News gave a speech about the importance of news.

“Amanda Guerra showed that she has a passion for journalism and telling the truth to the public that goes beyond T.V. ratings,” Assistant Copy Editor Michael Clarke said.

During the luncheon awards where given to high school students who submitted pictures, articles and newspapers to be recognized.

“I enjoyed the luncheon and thought that the editor gave an interesting intro for the keynote speaker,” Michael said.

The Pony Express staff has been attending Journalism Day for some time.

“I can’t really remember how long the Pony Express has been going,” newspaper adviser Walter Gast said. “We have been going for decades.”

When the Pony Express staff began going to the High School Journalism Day, it was hosted by The Dallas Times Herald, an afternoon paper that is now out of business.

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