FCA helps members discuss their faith and grow as athletes


Students Ray Barnett, Travis Barnett, Jack Ferris, Jason Kelley, Cameron Weir, Trevor Freeman, Matthew Nevarez, Christian Nevarez and Dorian Flowers, and teacher, Chad Lawson pose for a picture

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Christian organization that meets at Pearce on Thursdays in the fall and spring. During FCA meetings, students play games, have fun and discuss Christianity.

FCA is an organization led by student leaders who promote and facilitate meetings.
Geometry teacher Chad Lawson is the head sponsor of FCA.

“I love being at FCA,” sophomore Trevor Freeman said. “It’s great because we play games, hang out with friends and talk about our faith.”

“FCA gives us a place where we can discuss our faith with other believers,” sophomore Matthew Nevarez said. “It feels great to build off of each other and lift each other up.”

For four years in a row, the FCA has hosted an annual “sham battle.” During a sham battle players are armed with flour-filled tissues to throw at their opponents. The objective of the game is to get the opposing team’s flag back to the other side.

“The sham battle is my favorite meeting of the year,” junior Ray Barnett said. “It’s fun to hit your friends and watch the flour get all over them.”

FCA usually meets in the big gym, the sand volleyball court or the B football field. Where they meet determines the type of game that is played.

During the meetings, it is usually a guest speaker or a student who gives a lesson.

“The lessons are always really helpful and relatable to our lives as high school students,” Trevor said.

After the speaker is finished, the students split up into small groups to discuss their week. The students also pray and talk about the high points and low points of their week.

Even though FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, students don’t have to be a Christian or an athlete to attend a meeting. FCA actually encourages everyone, Christian and non-Christian, to attend their meetings.

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