‘Godzilla’ disappoints due to unnecessary dialogue, lack of action

By Matt Singer | Staff Writer


Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, brings the massive monster Godzilla back to fight new and dangerous creatures that were mistakingly made by humans and are a threat to all of mankind.

This movie has a really simple plot. A huge creature called Godzilla awakes from his sleep because there are massive flying bat creatures, also called MUTOs, who are trying to overtake Earth as it stands defenseless. Godzilla’s role in this movie is to create a balance in the world, therefore protecting the human race. We are introduced to the Brody Family and other characters such as Dr. Ishiro, but the movie focuses on the personal life of Ford and Bryan Brody as they discover the danger the human race is about to experience. Godzilla is on a hunt for the MUTOs, and the epic fight for survival begins.

The movie has unnecessary dialogue, followed by more unnecessary dialogue, followed by a large action scene that watchers long for. It takes an hour to get to the meat of the plot, and by the time Godzilla appears and the massive fighting takes place, one may be bored and uninterested.

People seeing Godzilla want to see unreal and far-fetched fighting. Although there are action scenes, the scenes are put second to the dialogue and the attempts to create characters that watchers will become attached to.

There are scenes that are unneeded. Instead of focusing on relationships, the movie should focus on Godzilla and the MUTOs. Too many times the movie delivers new information about a wife or friend when there should be more information about the monsters that are taking over Earth. The movie leaves one unsatisfied and wanting to hear and see Godzilla more often.

Past the fact that this movie is a disappointment to many Godzilla fans and action movie fanatics, the scale and picture of Godzilla was surprisingly attractive and beautiful. The cinematography and special effects were stunning. Each camera angle, whether showing Godzilla or a certain character, was well directed and, in the case of Godzilla, it was monumental to show the pure power Godzilla has.

When it comes to special effects and lighting, the movie starts to shine. Godzilla couldn’t look any better, and San Francisco, where important battles occur, has a beautiful, yet eerie, look to it. Explosions look up-close and real, as if one is standing on the Golden Gate Bridge as tanks and ships alike fire upon the flying MUTO. The effects deliver an up-close, dangerous and tense feeling that any Godzilla fan would enjoy.

The massive scale of each monster is simply breathe-taking. The monsters were highly detailed, the noises were loud and impactful, and the movements of each monster were directed perfectly. One aspect of the movie that stood out was the noises that Godzilla and the MUTOs made. The fights between Godzilla and the MUTOs looked like one would expect.

Edwards brought an experienced cast to make an attempt to bring a professional style to the Godzilla franchise. The movie features actors such as Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston and Aaron-Taylor Johnson. They each face their own personal issue that helps form relationships with the character and the watcher. The budget for Godzilla was around $160,000,000 and during it’s opening weekend the movie earned approximately $93,000,000.

Godzilla is an interesting movie that many will enjoy, but true fans may leave a bit confused or unsatisfied. Edwards and his experienced cast bring Godzilla back to the box office and set a good tone for future sequels. Although the movie is filled with dialogue, it is an epic attempt to revive the thriller that is Godzilla.

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