Pearce students compete in Latin competition

By Peyton Moore | Staff Writer

On Feb. 8, Mrs. Beverly Marcus’ Latin students went to Austin College to compete in a Latin competition. There were many schools there and about 750 student from the North Texas area Texas Junior Classical League competing. Mrs. Marcus had a lot of students who won.

Anna Connolly won first place in Girls Interpretation Costume overall.

Pierce Nelson won first place in Sight Recitation, and Luke Rehfuss won fourth place for Advanced Reading.

“It was pretty cool that I actually won first place,” sophomore Pierce Nelson said.

Mrs. Marcus, who has been teaching since 1975, was proud of her students.

“We don’t really prepare outside of class for this competition. The students just compete in what they know,” Mrs. Marcus said. “I just like to give students the chance to get awards for their hard work.”

Freshmen, who were competing for the first time, were excited about this experience.

“I was nervous, yet really happy I joined,” freshman Athena Walls said.

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