‘Guardians’ delights viewers with quality CGI and diverse locales

By Branden Swartz | Assignments Editor

Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studio’s new space opera, may seem like the B-Team Avengers with leftover and ragtag superheroes compromising the team, but in reality, it’s much more than that.

This collection of scruffy Han Solo types is lead by the charismatic outlaw Star-Lord (Also known as Peter Quill) who is played by Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation’s Andy.

While some where initially skeptical of Pratt’s ability to play a serious character, he magnificently pulled off the Star-Lord character who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Pratt is joined by a menagerie of other characters, such as Rocket Racoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper, Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel, and Drax the Destroyer, portrayed by Dave Bautista. While some where skeptical of this motley crew, even Dave Bautista, best known for his wrestling career, managed to fill his role excellently.

Guardians of the Galaxy, is not only a fantastic space opera on it’s own, but it also manages to make fun of the genre as a whole.

The story has serious elements, but it knows when to let loose and have fun. Jokes and references are used to characterize Star-Lord as exactly who he is in the comic books—a man taken from his home world and dropped into a wild and strange galaxy.

The visuals are also fantastic. Sweeping space scenes, beautifully done CGI and realistic locales all characterize the Marvel universe off of Earth.

A wide variety of aliens are also present, giving us more than just the industry-standard green and blue humans.

The spacecraft featured in this film are designed excellently, featuring both realistic design as well as visually appealing CGI and color palettes. A mixture of futuristic and retro designs set the theme of the movie, drawing from cheesy 1980s sci-fi flicks.

Locations are as diverse as the characters, with each different place representing a different facet of society, from a lawless space station to a utopian civilization.

The soundtrack is a mixture of retro hits from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as a few modern tunes that strike just the right chord with the audience. Not only is the music extremely fitting, but it’s significant to the plot, both representing the events and characters as well as something much more.

In the end, Guardians of the Galaxy is a hit, even if it isn’t the most well known of the Marvel franchises. The sweeping visuals and excellent CGI, the fantastic characters and locales, and the combination of retro and modern music all adds up to something more than just a poor man’s Avengers.

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