North Junior High principal Philip Bates named to top Pearce post

By Carolyn Perlmutter | News Editor


Principal Philip Bates enjoyed the Pearce Home Owners Association Fourth of July Parade. He was joined by his two children Maddie and Cooper.

Mr. Philip Bates became principal of Pearce High School at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. He was named to the position after an intensive application process to replace Mrs. Beverly Vance, who retired.

“Mr. Bates is very energetic and dynamic,” English teacher Lindsey Santarelli said. “He loves kids and likes to be out in the hall talking to people. He is good at increasing school spirit and has great ideas to do fun things and make Pearce an exciting place to be.”

Mr. Bates was born in Germany and moved every three to four years because his father was in the military. Mr. Bates attended Texas State University for his undergraduate degree in education and the University of North Texas for his master’s in education administration.

After beginning his teaching career at Big Springs Elementary in RISD, where he taught for four and a half years, Mr. Bates became the assistant principal at Skyview Elementary.

“I have enjoyed every campus and the new opportunities and challenges they each provide,” Mr. Bates said.

Mr. Bates’ first job as principal was at Yale Elementary, where he worked for three years before returning to Skyview as principal for another three years.

His last job before coming to Pearce was as principal of Richardson North Junior High, where he has worked for the past three years.

“Mr. Bates was a great principal,” junior said Sarah Wingate, a graduate from Richardson North Junior High. “He was always very involved with the student body and took the time to get to know each and every student.”

Mr. Bates is looking forward to his time at Pearce.

“I am excited to be a part of the Pearce community and family,” Mr. Bates said. “I’m having conversations with teachers and students and discovering areas in which Pearce can grow. I come with systems that I have used and that have worked in the past.”

Mr. Bates plans on building a strong community and creating engaging classes.

“Pearce is large and has a lot of moving parts,” Mr. Bates said. “Time is always a factor, and there is never enough of it, but I plan to prioritize my goals and get to as much as possible.”

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