New calendar adds week for Thanksgiving break

By Graham Rosen | Copy Editor

The RISD 2014-2015 academic calendar has changed significantly since the 2013-2014 school year. The new calendar features an entire week for Thanksgiving break during Nov. 24–28.

The new calendar also features three-day weekend in mid-October for Columbus Day in contrast to a four-day weekend in the 2013-2014 calendar.

The extended Thanksgiving break could make it easier to travel during the holiday.

“Its so hard to travel on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving break,” junior Jason Kelley said. “With the new extended break, my family and I will be able to leave on Friday evening. Leaving then will allow us to miss a larger amount of the holiday traffic in airports.”

Some students not only believe that the changes to Thanksgiving break are good for travel, but the changes are also beneficial academically.

“Typically on the short week before we let out for Thanksgiving classes are blow-offs,” senior Ian Sellers said. “With the new schedule, the district won’t be wasting two whole days.”

Hopes of improved attendance is another reason that the RISD may have lengthened the break.

“In almost every single one of my classes on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, at least three or four people are gone,” junior Collin Hitt said.

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