Scheduling policy is a reasonable change

By Branden Swartz | Assignments Editor

Juniors going into their senior year at Pearce have been able to, in a way, build their own schedule and choose their teachers. However, the 2014-2015 school year is different. Incoming seniors are no longer able to adjust their schedule to their liking.

This, while upsetting to some, is not something to freak out over. Students rarely have freedom to manipulate schedules to their liking, and another year dealing with a school-assigned schedule is not a travesty.

Students have always had the luck of the draw in regard to order of class and who gets which teacher, and it’s no secret that some teachers are preferred over others. As such, seniors would try and get into the same class all together, creating a challenge for those in charge of assigning students to each class. This new policy, however, not only allows for equal distribution of students, it also solves what could potentially be a paperwork nightmare for the administration.

Say that one teacher is preferred over another and that most seniors attempt to place themselves in that teacher’s classes. The problem with this lies in that this teacher’s classes will fill up quickly and a large number of students will be left over.

It is easy to see why this new policy was enacted. It makes the transitioning juniors easier to deal with. Classes need to be assigned quickly and efficiently. There are four grade levels packed with students to attend to. Dealing with several hundred students all trying to get into the same class is already difficult enough, and when a fourth of those students are trying to get into the same class under the same teacher, then scheduling becomes challenging, to say the least.

While this is a blow to student freedom, it is a reasonable change that should be embraced because it makes the school year easier for everyone.

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