USDA Smart Snack Rule to bring changes to lunch offerings, bake sales

By Ari Schnitzer | Copy Editor

Students’ choices of food are expected to change for the upcoming school year. The current dietary options, which have been criticized by students and teachers alike in past years, are subject to change due to a recent revision of nutrition requirements effective July 1.

All items sold during the school day and in the first half hour after school is over must meet the new nutritional requirements. This especially affects the food in the vending machines and limits the kinds of fundraisers clubs can do. For example, bake sales will have to make sure that items sold meet the healthier standards.

Some believe these changes are overdue since many students are unsatisfied with the choices they have in the snack line. A number of food items, such as the cinnamon rolls, are served at breakfast, wrapped up and then served again at lunch. Others, like ready-made sandwiches, are passed over by students altogether.

“It’s obviously not fresh,” sophomore Stone Browne said. “I just bring my lunch as a result of the food being sub-par.”

Some students have previously discussed a change in the nutritional selections.

“Things I would like to change would be to serve better quality food and to add more options to choose from,” sophomore Anthony Santos said.

If students are looking for a change, the vending machines are occasionally swapped out with new items from time to time. Many students use the vending machines to get themselves a quick snack either before school, after school or between classes. But most of the vending machine items aren’t the freshest, either.

Overall, dissent over the quality of the food is apparent. Students hope that the upcoming changes will make the food tastier as well as new.

“For how it tastes, it’s not worth paying for,” sophomore Jack Flynn said.

The options are limited. Students may either bring their lunch or eat what the school has to offer. That’s really all there is to it.

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