Annual Kickoff Cook-out celebration to be held Aug. 27 on Senior Way

By Megan Smith | Public Relations Manager

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, Pearce will be hosting it’s annual Kickoff Cook-out on Senior Way at 5:30. The purpose of the cook-out is to promote the athletic programs Pearce has to offer and let students know about upcoming events for the year.

“I have always had an exceptional time at the Kickoff Cook Out,” varsity volleyball player Chanel Cooper said. “It is a wonderful time to meet new people and engage in what every program is doing.”

Besides a briefing on almost all the athletic programs at Pearce, students and families attending can purchase hot dogs and beverages from food trucks, as well as enjoy music and performances from various organizations.

“Cross country, along with some of the other fall sports teams, introduce themselves to whoever is at the cook out and may give a little pitch on the upcoming season,” cross country runner Morgan Forteith said. “It’s great because its the first real social event of the school year.”

The briefings inform everyone at the cook-out about sports events in the fall and introduce some of the team members of each organization.

“At the cook-out the varsity volleyball team is introduced, and we briefly share with everyone our goals for the season in addition to sharing the dates of any upcoming home or away games,” Chanel said. “It’s a great way to promote our team and get fans out to our games.”

Along with the different teams pumping up everyone for the upcoming season, Pearce’s Forte, Pacesetters, band, Stampede and cheerleading squads all perform at the cook-out.

“It’s a really fun gathering for everyone to attend at the beginning of the year,” Morgan said. “All the performances are so much fun to watch.”

Since the families of students are invited to the event, there’s a variety of people of all different ages at the cook-out.

“The cook-out provides families as well as students with great food, awesome music and a number of opportunities to sign up for organizations such as the Athletic Booster Club,” Chanel said. “Everyone is able to get together and celebrate the upcoming school year.”

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