GSA plans to expand this year under new leadership

By Sam Groves | Editor-in-Chief

As Pearce welcomes a new principal, two new assistant principals, and dozens of new staff, one student group—the Pearce Gay-Straight Alliance—is entering a similar period of change and upheaval.

“The GSA’s long-time advisor, Mr. Daniel Bess, moved at the end of the 2013-2014 school year,” adviser Sharby Hunt said, “so the GSA is experiencing a transition year.”

“We also have a new student leadership board that has met a couple of times since their election and wants to see GSA’s presence grow at PHS,” Ms. Hunt said. “I believe they will be instrumental in laying the foundation for GSA’s future.”

Board member Sydney Martin, a senior, says she is excited for the upcoming school year.

“I am so excited to have Mr. Bates as the new head principal,” Sydney said. “I have met Mr. Bates through my experience so far as a Lifeguard, and I have seen that he is incredibly open to new ideas. I can’t wait to see what things the GSA can get done this year with him leading our school.”

Sydney also had praise for the group’s new faculty advisor.

“Ms. Hunt is one of the most passionate and persistent people I’ve met,” Sydney said. “I’m extremely excited to see where she takes the GSA this year.”

Senior Freddie Chabbert-Nosek is one of the new board members and one of the newest members of the group.

“I joined because I know a person who struggles with their sexuality because of the judgment and lack of understanding others have towards it,” Freddie said. “Also, I feel the organization allows people to freely express themselves and all appropriate aspects of their personality.

“Students should join to support one another and to continue educating the Pearce community,” Ms. Hunt said. “The students of the GSA represent so many veins of the Pearce student body. We have SOS Lifeguards, Pearce athletes, vocal and instrumental musicians, poets and well-rounded scholars.”

This year, the GSA hopes to expand its horizons not just at Pearce, but also in the North Dallas community at large.

“This year’s goals include partnering with Richardson High School to encourage community connections and support, attending local GSA conferences and promoting social activities for the student body,” Ms. Hunt said.

The GSA has yet to set a date for the first meeting of the 2014-2015 school year.

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