Summer saw numerous new rap artists make a bid to break out online

By Matt Singer | Entertainment Editor

Hip-hop and rap, to many, are at an all-time high in today’s world as teenagers and adults alike are beginning to find their own favorite artists and songs. With social media and dozens of new apps and ways to listen to new music, rap is easy to gain access to.

There are hundreds of new websites that anyone can make a beat to and record a verse over. There are thousands of rap songs that are released on a daily basis, and it is just hard to get recognition since there are so many new rappers trying to make it big.

This past summer will not be known for big name albums being released, although were are a few in the list below such as artist Trey Songz.

Many new rappers released albums to get their name out in the public, such as artists Sir Michael Rocks, G-Eazy or Ab-Soul.

Rap is all about finding new artists and styles that the listeners can relate to. The purpose of this list is to see artists that one may recognize, to listen to their new music or, if one wants to find new music, to look up the artists on the list and see if they enjoy their music

After all, that’s what music is all about.

Artist: 50 Cent Album Title: Animal Ambition Date Released: June 3, 2014

Artist: G-Eazy Album Title: These Things Happen Date Released: July 23, 2014

Artist: Ab-Soul Album Title: These Days… Date Released: June 24, 2014

Artist: Riff Raff Album Title: Neon Icon Date Released: June 24, 2014

Artist: Trey Songz Album Title: Trigga Date Released: July 1, 2014

Artist: Gucci Mane Album Title: Trap House 4 Date Released: July 4, 2014

Artist: Migos Album Title: No Label II Date Released: July 8, 2014

Artist: Common Album Title: Nobody’s Smiling Date Released: July 22, 2014

Artist: Sir Michael Rocks Album Title: Banco Date Released: July 29, 2014

Artist: Twista Album Title: Dark Horse Date Released: August 12, 2014

Artist: Wiz Khalifa Album Title: Blacc Hollywood Date Released: August 19, 2014

Artist: ASAP Mob Album Title: L.O.R.D. Date Released: August 25, 2014

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